Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Deciding their Fate

Yesterday after work I had a meeting with the head of the social studies department and Regina and Ron. Regina, Ron, and I are the 10th grade social studies teachers and we had to meet and discuss every single student to decide what class recommendations to give them for next year. It seems so much easier to decide on the high fliers and the low fliers, but deciding on the in-between kids can cause an existential crisis. I am sometimes caught off guard by how much power I yield as a teacher, and I find myself wondering if my past teachers respected that power when deciding my own future.

It took nearly two hours to make all of the recommendations, but the day ended on a light note. I found out that I did not have to go in to school the next day, because my students would be taking a standardized test. I waited for Nik to finish school and we met in Zurich to ride the train home together.

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