Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Making the Ghost

Living in Switzerland required some cultural adjustment. For example I had to give up flatheets for duvet covers. It has taken some getting used to, but my husband has helped me out and given me the rundown on getting a duvet cover over a comforter. He calls it making the ghost.

Step One:
Turn the duvet cover inside out

Step Two:
Reach your arms in through the opening and grab on to the two corners at the opposite end of the blanket

Step Three:
Let the duvet fall over your head. You should now look like a ghost

Step Four:
Have your partner give you the corresponding corners of the comforter.

Step Five:
Bend over and let the duvet fall off of your head and start shaking your hands wildly to get the comforter inside the duvet. You partner should be helping this process along

I always want to be the ghost, but my husband thinks I make a terrible ghost because I rely on him to do the work as I skip steps four and five.

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