Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tuesday at Home

I did not set my alarm last night, because I am not going into work today...YEAH

Nik woke me up to show me a rainbow stretching over Olten. It was set against a dark blue sky, and I was hoping that it was a sign that today was going to be bright and sunny. Unfortunately it was immediately followed by wind and rain.

Eventhough I did not have to go into work, Nik still had to get ready for school. I tried to return the favor for all the times he has gotten up and made me breakfast, by running to the local bakery for bread while he was in she shower. I tied Mifan to the giant croissant outside teh store like I always do and bought some St. Gallen bread. On the way home Mifan, when she was not being hit by debris, chased the leaves whirling in the wind. By the time I arrived home, Nik was already biting into a sandwhich made with crusty old bread. All that mess for nothing ohh well, it is the thought that counts right?

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